Following a fulfilling career as an elementary school educator, Kathy has spent the last 2 decades devoting her life to raising children and volunteering for youth development programs. She held several positions on her PTA board and enjoyed leadership roles in Girl Scouts, assisting in the growth and development of more than 20 members from Daisies to Juniors. Her favorite volunteer activity has been her more than 10-year involvement with her regional 4H program. Through this youth leadership organization, she led several animal-focused, as well as skill and civic engagement, projects. She assisted in the leadership at regional fairs and exhibitions, as well as numerous speaking and presentation opportunities.

Since her children have grown, Kathy has channeled her energy into volunteering at the SPCA, focusing on classroom visits to teach kindness and empathy, as well as dog walking — which led her to adopting her first dog in 2020.

Kathy is excited to be a part of Impact100 and to collaborate with other women to make a significant, transformational difference in her community. Coupling her background in teaching with her love of children’s leadership programs, she is excited to serve a chair for the education focus group.