Meet Catherine "Cat" Ann Miller

Our Member Highlight this month is Cat Miller. Take a moment to learn more about Cat and what brought her to join our amazing group of women. 

Why did you join? 

I have been incredibly blessed in my life and I strongly believe in giving back. Impact 100 is the perfect way to positively impact and encourage others.

What is your favorite aspect of Impact100? 

Other than the great opportunities Impact100 provides, I love the many unique and talented women I work alongside to create positive change!  

What is your favorite restaurant? 

Tie between Ella and Waterboy.

What are your hobbies? 

I’m very active (jogging, strength training, kayaking, yoga) and creative (cooking, gardening, design). I also love to travel.

What is your favorite travel destination? 

In one word – Paris!  

What is a place you haven’t been but would love to visit? 


What is one thing we should know about you? 

I believe in paying it forward, being relentlessly productive, and I rarely, if ever, give up!

Cat grew up in sunny Southern California, and received her undergrad and graduate degrees in financial management through the Cal State system. After moving to Sacramento and working with lawyers as a certified paralegal, in the late 1990s she established a small consulting firm focusing on finance. A naturally strong problem solver with a positive approach, she quickly found her practice expanding to include other areas including IT, human resources, facilities management and design. When her Dad later became ill, she found herself learning new skills yet again by taking over the operation of her parents’ small ranch up in Ashland, Oregon, and caring for them. Cat is much more relaxed now, and pursuing her hobbies and passions while finding new opportunities to grow in her faith and her “heart work” of giving back.

Throughout her life, Cat also contributed her time to several local non-profit organizations, either as a board or committee member, and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Verge Center for the Arts.