2023 Grant Recipient

Project Title: Effie Yeaw Nature Center Mobile Museum

EYNC is an award-winning environmental and cultural education center located within a 100-acre natural preserve on the banks of the American River. Its small museum focuses on the local flora and fauna of the region by offering hands-on activities, games, and educational exhibits. The center cares for over 30 rehabilitated native wild animals that cannot be released back into the wild. These animals help teach the public about native species, respect for wildlife, and the importance of the ecosystem and include a peregrine falcon, California Desert Tortoise, Western Pond turtle, and an American kestrel. These animals are a highlight for many of the children, offering a dynamic and memorable learning experience.

The EYNC serves 16,000-20,000 school children and welcomes over 100,000 visitors annually. Students experience an up-close encounter with animals, tour the museum, and join a naturalist to explore the Nature Preserve. Children encounter natural phenomena and learn science through the lens of patterns, structure and function, cause and effect, and more.

Impact100 funding will create a mobile museum to travel throughout the region to schools, community centers and events, reaching an even greater number of students. It will eliminate funding and logistical hurdles for schools and parents to coordinate field trips and serve an entire school site without the need for buses and additional staffing. The Nature Exchange Mobile Exhibit is a custom-designed turnkey experience that can be set up in school auditoriums or outdoors with a 200 sq ft design footprint.

The mobile museum allows EYNC to provide programming while our permanent site undergoes renovation that will close the museum intermittently for the next 1.5 years. With the mobile museum, ENYC continues its popular programming and meets the educational needs of area students. EYNC will serve an additional 10,000 children the first year and 20,000 the following year.



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