Volunteer Days - NorCal School of the Arts!

You asked for more opportunities to volunteer. Here is your first! In October 2023, we awarded a $100,000 grant to NorCal School of the Arts. They have become part of our Impact100 Greater Sacramento family. Michele, NorCal’s CEO, participated in our grant training and will be speaking at our annual event.  In turn, we want to support them by volunteering at their performances. 

The following is a list of dates they could use our help. This is an exciting opportunity for our membership to have a little fun while learning more about their program. If you would like to lend a hand, please email Vicki Johnson and let her know what date works best for you, vicki.johnson@norcalsota.org.  Can we fill up all of the time slots for them?

Mean Girls Show @ Rosemont High School

Front of House (Ticket Taking and helping set up and take down of Lobby Decor):

  • March 15th 6pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • March 16th 1pm (2pm show) 6pm (7pm show)
  • March 17th 1pm and 6pm
  • March 21st 6pm 
  • March 22nd 6pm
  • March 23rd 1pm and 6pm
  • March 24th 1pm

Strike help (helping to take the set apart and load into the u-haul)

  • Sunday, March 24th 4:00-6pm

Front of House (Ticket Taking) – The Little Mermaid Jr:

  • May 3rd 5pm (6pm show)
  • May 4th 12pm (1pm show) 5pm (6pm show)
  • May 5th 12pm (1pm Show)

Strike Help:

  • May 5th 2:30-6pm