Thank you, Nancy for helping grow our membership!

Meet member Nancy Brodovsky. Nancy is a force in the Sacramento community! Nancy created SacConnects, a boutique consulting firm specializing in board and association recruitment, board placement for executives and board training.

Enjoy reading her answers and getting to know a little more about Nancy:

Why did you join Impact 100? When I first learned about Impact100 I loved the concept & feel this is a game changer for the nonprofits who are successful recipients.

What is your favorite aspect of Impact100? The potential for nonprofits is transformational. Impact100 allows them to better serve their constituents & produce a more significant impact, and move the needle.

What is your favorite local restaurant? Mulvaney’s B& L & KRU.

What are your hobbies? Playing golf, traveling and making photo album books.

What is your favorite travel destination? I love the ocean and enjoy going to great cities. 

What is a place you haven’t traveled to but would love to? Spain, Portugal and India.

If you could have an hour lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? I have become fascinated with my family’s history. I would like to have the opportunity to sit down with my grandparents and my two maternal great-grandmothers, who I knew, and learn about the lives they lived and fill in the gaps about my family’s coming to this country in the late 1890s.

What is one thing we should know about you? I love my life and feel blessed to have my health, a wonderful family, & fabulous friends that surround me.