Stacey is a part-time administrative law judge, mediating due process claims between families with children who qualify for special education services and California public school districts. The skills she uses during mediation – listening, attention to detail and the ability to take copious notes – translate well to her role as secretary.

Stacey has had long term relationships with Sacramento community organizations. She was an active member of the Junior League of Sacramento for 8 years before becoming a sustaining member for more than a decade. She also served on the board of the Sacramento chapter of the National Charity League for 5 years, including a term as president.

She is inspired by the Impact100 concept that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and believes that a group of women who can make a small difference individually can exponentially increase their impact by joining together.

Stacey is married with three children (ages 19, 21, 23) and a houseful of animals. She loves gardening, baking and being social with friends. Born and raised in Sacramento, she only lived elsewhere for college at UC Berkeley and when her husband was in dental school at USC.