Meet Marsha - Impact100 Treasurer

Our Member Highlight this month is Impact100 Board Member Marcia Maurer. Marcia is our acting treasurer, and we are lucky to have her!

Marcia grew up in Hayward and came to Sacramento after graduating from UC Davis, where she met her husband. She was the CFO for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District until 2010 and currently is an adviser for the US Treasury Department. Her role with the Treasury Department takes her all over the world to places many of us may not even know exist, and it was fascinating to hear about her many travels and the impact she has created through her work. Take a moment to learn more about Marcia and what brought Marcia to join our amazing group of women. 

Why did you join? 

I have known our local chapter founder, Evelyn Jensen, before Impact100. She asked if I would be the treasurer and I was looking for a volunteer opportunity. What stood out about Impact100 initially was women coming together, women of all different talents. We can’t all know everything, and we fill in the gaps. 

I am still working, partially retired, and traveling extensively for work. I wanted to be able to travel and also balance volunteering 

Tell us a little bit about your professional life 

Former CFO for the County Sanitation District and now advisor for the US Treasury Department providing technical assistance for accounting. I lived in Guatemala for 4 years. I now go to countries for 4 weeks at a time–mostly developed countries. Current projects are Vietnam, Jamaica and North Macedonia. My job has taken me all over the world. 

Do you have a favorite country? 

I love them all! 

What is your favorite restaurant? 

Currently Waterboy, but it varies with the season. 

How do you like to spend your free time? 

I love to walk. I probably walk between 20-25 miles a week. Because I walk so much I’m able to indulge in my hobby of baking! I also love reading and traveling. Of all my travels, I love the continent of Africa the most. When you see how other countries operate, you really fully appreciate what you have here in the United States. Traveling is broadening. 

Is there a place you haven’t gone that you would like to go? 

The Baltic Nations 

Fun Fact!! 

I played the accordion when I was a child!