Can We Grant $200k in 2023?

It’s our inaugural year, and already we have surpassed our original goal of raising $100,000 in grant money. Do we stop there? NO! We move full speed ahead in pursuit of another goal – to reach $200,000! This may seem like a challenge.  But challenges inspire us.
Our cutoff date to accept new members in this cycle of giving is February 28. We have 28 days. If every member reaches out to their friends and associates and adds just ONE member each, we can reach the goal of 200 members and thus $200,000 in grant money.

To add a little fun – for each new member who signs up in the month of February 2023 as a result of you reaching out to them, you will receive an entry into a drawing for two fabulous prizes.  

  • Willo Salon $250 gift basket (thanks to Membership Sponsor Willo Salon)
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card (thanks to an anonymous donation)

We all know people who care about our community. We ask each of you for your help in growing our organization by recruiting just one additional member. Collectively we can make this happen.

Thank you for your support and for being part of Impact100 Greater Sacramento!

Paulette Trainor
VP Membership