Like the tomatoes for which our region is famous, Jodi was home-grown in Sacramento. After graduating from college at Sacramento State, she left to explore the world. Starting in exotic places like Brazil and Alaska – her wild and winding road also took her to Boston, San Francisco, Montana and Pasadena. While in Pasadena, she attended Art Center College of Design. After experiencing the world, she returned to Sacramento because there’s no place like home.

Jodi has spent her career working in marketing, communications and advertising and is inspired to put her skills to work for Impact100, combining her talents and resources with a group of dynamic women to make a transformational difference in her community. Her previous volunteer experience includes work for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

When not working or volunteering for Impact100, Jodi can be found making art, puttering in her garden, riding along the American River Parkway, hiking in the mountains with her husband Dan, walking her dogs Dory and Izzy, or traveling the world.